Ville D'Oro Corfu AVLAKI, SINIES GR 49083

Corfu International Airport

39km from the Villas

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Driving Instructions to Ville d’Oro

It should take you about 50 minutes to get to the villas, from the airport or from Corfu town.

Leave the airport by the dual carriageway approach road, turn right at the main road.

Follow the road past the football stadium and on through the suburb of Garitsa for about half a kilometre, until you arrive at the sea.

Turn left, keeping the sea on your right.

400 metres on you will reach a small roundabout with a monument in the middle, similar to Cleopatra’s Needle.

Continue past this monument towards the fortress and the Main Square, keeping the sea on your right. The route passes around the Old Town, through the Old Port and out of town again via the New Port area. Most of the time the sea is visible on your right.

Leaving the New Port there is a long straight stretch of road with discos and bars on the left and boatyards and the sea on the right, ending at traffic lights where you filter and turn right, for Kassiopi.

Follow this main road to the Tsavros T-junction* (traffic lights are 11 kms from the airport) where you take the right turn towards Dassia - Kassiopi. This road passes through or alongside the resorts of Dassia, Ipsos**, Barbati, Nissaki, Kalami and then further on to St Stephano and Kassiopi.

After passing through the resort of Barbati you will come to an area known as Nissaki. (26 kms from the airport).

Continue on the main road for a few bends until you see a church on the right hand side of the road. Continue on the main road, following the signs to Kassiopi.

You will pass a Shell petrol station, the turn off to Kaminaki, the entrance to Nissaki Beach Hotel and pass through the hamlet of Kentroma. At the hamlet of Gimari there are traffic lights (32 kms from the airport).

This entire section of road winds and climbs constantly. Drive with extra care.

A few more bends after Gimari the road broadens and you can see the bay of Kalami below to your right.

On the next bend continue on the main road to Kassiopi passing the turn to Kouloura and Kalami and the sign for the town hall on the right.

After 200 metres there is a kiosk selling drinks / magazines etc on your left and a view point on the right hand side of the road (see picture 1). There is now a pagoda built at this viewpoint.


Continue past the view point for approx 1500 metres, pass a sign indicating “Sinies” and turn right at the sign to Ag. Stephanos (St. Stephano) (picture 2).


About 50 m after this turn there is a roundabout built in stone and a super market (Yannis Supermarket) in front (picture 3).

Turn left at the roundabout and follow the road for about 1200 m, to the junction shown in pictures 4 and 5, where you take a left turn.


Follow the signs for Ville D’Oro, Villa SPADA or Villa DORIA and you are there after about 300m, on the left picture 6). First on the right is Villa SPADA and just passed it, you will find Villa DORIA. You have arrived, WELCOME!